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Awesome October Super Stars! SS

All tricks and no treats (wait a minute, that's backwards) - ALL TREATS AND NO TRICKS for these AWESOME OCTOBER students!  

Nominated by the GOVS staff for being hard workers, showing improvement, and for having completed their first round of STAR testing, join us in CONGRATULATING these students on working towards being GOVS grads!

They have free Wendy's Frosty booklets heading to their mailboxes.  Keep up the great work habits!

  • Manuel Ailon-Yat
  • James Austin Beckett
  • Elizabeth Beltran
  • Cameron Botner
  • Tarina Boyd
  • James Dailey
  • Beatrice Goodin
  • Wyatt Griffith
  • Andrea Muncy
  • Grace Murphy
  • Jersie Preston
  • Kennedy Zintz


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