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Executive Director's Message

On behalf of the Greater Ohio Virtual School, I would like to welcome the students and parents to our school.  The Greater Ohio Virtual School is an innovative school that is a cooperative effort with the Ohio Department of Education and the Warren County Educational Service Center. GOVS uses technology to reach a diverse student population.  The school is designed for students in grades 7 – 12 who have a desire for, and whose education can be optimized by, a program of online instruction in an independent environment that does not include most ancillary components of a more traditional education.  Because the focus is on distance learning, the ability of students to learn independently in their own homes using an online educational program is an essential element of the school’s program.  A majority of the students will be between the ages of 16 and 22 and who are at risk.  The definition of at risk may include but not limited to; lack of academic success, unsuccessful in the home district, health risk, social issues, financial hardship, transient students, home schooled children, children with special physical and mental needs, religious reason and behavioral issues. 

Mission Statement

Greater Ohio Virtual School’s mission is to provide students with a highly personal and continuous connection to learning through an online based education.  The school deems that this quality instructional alternative will serve individual needs and prepare the student to transition into their next phase of life, be it entering the work force, military, or continuing their education.

Educational Philosophy and Beliefs

Greater Ohio Virtual School’s educational philosophy can be summarized with the following statements: Deliver instruction to students in a cost effective manner and in a manner that allows them to earn high school credit at a self-determined pace.  We will strive to take students at their current academic levels, build upon that foundation, and increase achievement at developmentally appropriate rates and levels.  We will do this with the assistance of technology and appropriately licensed Ohio teachers.  Our ultimate goal is to provide applicable skills that will allow students to be lifelong learners and intelligent decision-makers.  Another important factor woven into the school is the belief that effective education is a cooperative venture between the students, parents/guardians, teachers, and support staff.  Furthermore, in many instances the local public schools, organizations, and social services can provide valuable support.  In short, a teaming process will be critical to the success of the program.

Beliefs:  Our core beliefs are succinctly stated as follows:

  • The effective delivery of educational services and resources is critical to our mission.
  • Ongoing planning, assessment, and evaluation drive a growing, dynamic organization and provide for the effective use of resources.
  • Empowering the learning community through technology is a vital necessity.
  • Sound educational decisions are driven by accurate data.
  • A well-trained and talented staff that continually upgrades its skills is a requirement for a successful organization.
  • A spirit of teamwork and cooperation within the organization and with the SPONSOR, our educational partner, must be encouraged and nurtured.
  • The school will foster resiliency in students by building on student’s strengths.  (Resiliency is the ability to adapt and succeed despite risk and adversity.)
  • Stakeholders will adhere to the belief that all students can succeed.  And they communicate this belief to their students.
  • Students will participate in meaningful, engaged learning and experience opportunities to succeed in the school.
  • Students will be held to high educational standards and communicate the belief that all students can succeed.
  • The school will provide varied opportunities to remediate past failures or academic setbacks in the student’s career.
  • The school’s climate will be marked by caring and support, high expectations, and opportunities for meaningful participation that can counteract the risk factors in child’s life.


Shawn E. Lenney

Executive Director