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Message from the GOVS Attendance OfficerStudents that attend GOVS are required to completed 1 lesson and 5 hours per school day (aka 25 hours per week). They are also required to log on daily. These are the minimum standards. Students have the ability to work ahead whenever possible. If a student is completing their lessons but struggling with maintaining their hours, we have several approaches to help out. We call these enrichment/offline hours and a list can be provided if needed. 

Following Ohio truancy laws, if a student falls behind a certain amount of hours, they will receive an Excessive Absence Letter. This is simply a notification to a parent/guardian about the lack of completed time. If the student’s continues to fall behind in hours, an Absence Intervention Meeting (or phone call) will occur. At that time, an Absence Intervention Plan will be put into place to hopefully assist the student in getting back on track. If a student’s attendance/hours fail to improve after an intervention plan has been put into place, the school could file truancy charges. We try to avoid this whenever possible. Our goal is to see students succeed and graduate with a high school diploma.