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Important Information Concerning the New GOVS Attendance Policy AND Tracking of Off-Line Hours!

Logging Hours


1.  New attendance policy for 2017-2018!  The truancy laws in Ohio have been amended and now require electronic schools to keep track of the number of hours each student is completing lessons on-line or participating in off-line educational activities.  Commencing with the 2017-2018 school year, each student will be required to complete on-line/off-line educational opportunities totaling twenty-five (25) hours per week.  In addition to this requirement, each student will have an attendance intervention plan developed at the beginning of their attendance at the Greater Ohio Virtual School.  If a student fails to participate in one hundred five (105) consecutive hours of learning without a legitimate excuse, the student will be withdrawn according to GOVS procedures.


What does this mean?  Attendance is no longer determined by completing 5 lessons per week.  You now have 7 days each week to reach 25 hours of combined on-line (Computer time) and off-line time (Activity Logs) or you will be contacted by our truancy officer.  The seat time counter at the top of each student home page has been upgraded to show both the daily and weekly totals of computer seat time.  Off-line hours will not be calculated in the new seat time counter but will be tracked for attendance.  (Off-line hours will be explained in #2)

New Weekly Seat Time Counter

We still are requiring students to do at least 5 lessons per week to stay on track to earn the appropriate credits, so to make it as simple as possible think…….5 & 25!  5 completed lessons a week and 25 hours of computer seat time/off-line time will keep you in good standing with our truancy officer and on pace to earn the appropriate credits to graduate! The entire attendance policy was mailed home in the Welcome Back packets and is available at www.mygovs.com


2.  Off-line hours will no longer be tracked by using the Non-Classroom Learning Opportunity Logs from last year!  They have been replaced by several new enhancements to the Virtual Learning Academy Curriculum that will make it easier for all students to submit and track.  Last year we began asking students to track the hours they spent working on school work outside of the VLA curriculum or “off-line hours”.  These were tasks that were required for lesson completion that did not require students to be logged in and accumulating computer seat time.  Activities such as reading, watching instructional videos, or working on worksheets were all examples of the hours required to track.  This year every lesson will have the following question that will be required of each student in order to submit the lesson for grading.

Tracking Off0line Hours Question


This is where each student will type in the number of hours or minutes they spent working on the class while NOT logged into VLA.  Every student will be required to answer this question in order to complete the lesson.  If no off-line hours were required or needed to complete the lesson then the number “1” should be typed in the “Minutes” box to submit.  If you claim an inappropriate number of hours (Ex. 1000 hours), the teacher will return the lesson as a redo until the appropriate hours are submitted.  In order to have guidelines for the appropriate number of hours/minutes students can submit, there are now “Activity Logs” available for every course.  Students can access the log in the 1st unit of each course.  To get to the Activity Log, click the “Resources” Icon on the left-hand side of the 1st Unit in each course. 


Location of Activity Log On Resources Link

On the next page is an example of an “Activity Log” for Integrated Math 1.  We are not requiring students to sign and submit these forms, rather to use them as a guideline for the number of hours they may submit for teacher approval.  The teacher will determine, based on achievement in the lesson, if the appropriate number of hours are listed.  While these hours will be calculated and part of the 25-hour requirement for attendance, they WILL NOT show up in the Seat Time Counter on the student home page.  With this in mind, students can print off the Activity Logs for each class and keep track of these off-line hours on their own if they wish.  Off-line hours WILL be shown in performance reports that are sent home to each student.

Sample Math Activity Log

Submitting off-line hours is mandatory and part of the new Attendance Policy


3.  Work Study Program added for 2017-2018!  Students can now earn credits and accumulate hours towards attendance for working a job!  Any students who are currently working a job where they receive a paycheck can sign up for the Work Study Class.  Students can earn up to 4 credits toward graduation requirements and will be permitted to submit a limited number of hours that will count toward the 25-hour per week on-line/off-line requirement.  Interested students can download a PDF of the Work Study form and bring it to the Greater Ohio Virtual Office to sign up for the class.  The form can be found by clicking the Work Study link at the top of the GOVS web site.  Students may also print/sign/scan the form to the email address listed on the form. 



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