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It's Time to Submit Your March Non-Classroom Learning Opportunities Forms!

Non-Classroom Learning Opportunities  Form Directions

Remember, you should have 1 form for each class that you have done outside work.  If you didn't do any outside work for a particular class then don't submit the log for that class!  Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions concerning the Non-Classroom Learning Opportunities Log!  Take a look at these questions if you are still unsure about what these forms are and how to submit them!  Good luck!

Non-Classroom Learning Opportunities Forms Frequently Asked Questions 

Question:  What is this form?
Answer:  A form that you fill out to track any hours spent outside of the Virtual Learning Academy.  For instance, if you spent an extra hour reading a book while not logged in to VLA or you spent 30 minutes doing research for a project while not logged in to VLA.  These hours can be added to your total seat time for the day to help you achieve your 5-hour per day log in requirement.

Question:  Where is this form located?
Answer:  Each student now has a new class on their home page entitled “GOVS Non-Classroom Learning” After clicking and entering the class you will see a link entitled “Non-Classroom Learning Forms.  Click on this link to access the form.  DO NOT answer the question below the link until the last day of classes.  

Question:  I answer the question accidently and now I can’t see the link for the Non-Classroom Learning Opportunities Form!  What do I do?
Answer:  You can either go directly to this link http://govs.virtualenrollnow.com or click “Unit” on the left side of the page.

Question:  What is a “Unit”
Answer:  A “Unit” is the same thing as a “Lesson”

Question:  Do I fill this form out every time I do something outside of VLA or at the end of the month when I receive the message to submit my forms?
Answer:  It’s up to you!  If you would like to keep your own log and fill in the form at the end of the month…that’s great!  If you would like to fill out the form as you are working, that works as well.  You will need to follow the directions on how to gain access to the forms you have already filled out.  If you have five classes you should have five forms!  

Question:  How do I access the form again, after already filling out a portion of the form?  
Answer:  When you click on “Save Progress an Continue Later” an email will be sent to your mygovs.com Gmail account (firstname.lastname@mygovs.com).  Within that email will be a link that will take you back to the form you started.  If you are working on five classes you should have five different emails with five links!  Some students might find it easier to keep their own log and just fill it in at the end of the month.

Question:  When do I send in the final form?
Answer:  At the end of each month upon notification from GOVS!

Question:  What if I am not finished with the class?
Answer:  Send what you have worked on throughout the month.  Make sure to list hours within the appropriate unit AND make sure to fill out the date!  You will start again during the next month with a new form.   

Question:  I don’t see the “finalize” button.  Where is it?
Answer:  Some class forms have more than one page.  When you are ready to submit the form at the end of the month hit “next” at the bottom of the first page and “finalize” will be at the bottom of the second page.

Question:  Will I see these hours in my seat time counter or will they be available to me via some other means?
Answer:  No they will not be in your seat time counter but we are working to include all of these Non-Classroom Learning Hours into the performance report each month.  We hope to have these forms included within each class in VLA next year to make things easier!  

Question:  Why are we doing these forms?  
Answer:  The state is requiring us to verify five hours of instructional time each day (25 per week).  This is based on time spent logged into VLA, which currently doesn’t include any work students do for class outside of VLA.  These forms will help track those hours.  Our funding is now based on these hours so we need to document all of the hours we can for our school to be funded appropriately.  These hours will also be part of the attendance policy next year.  These forms are integral to the future of the Greater Ohio Virtual School!  

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