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Important Information Concerning Greater Ohio Virtual School Documentation Procedures



Summary of Attendance/Documentation of Hours Procedures

  • Students must accumulate a total of 25 online/offline hours per week
  • The Greater Ohio Virtual School week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday evening
  • Online Hours = Any hours accumulated while logged in and actively completing assignments in VLA
  • Offline Hours = Any teacher approved hours accumulated while not logged into VLA.
  • Students are permitted to accumulate hours 7 days a week/24 hours per day
  • Students are not permitted to accumulate more than 10 hours in a 24-hour period
  • If a student reaches the 10-hour maximum, the system will be locked until the next day
  • Online and offline hours may not overlap 
  • Students may not accumulate hours on the homepage in VLA
  • There is an automatic log off after 45 mins of inactivity or idle time.


Online Hours 

~Online Classroom Hours are any hours documented and tracked by the Virtual Learning Academy Curriculum program while logged in and actively completing assignments.

Offline Hours 

~Any teacher approved hours worked while not logged into the Virtual Learning Academy Curriculum Program.  These hours are linked to Activity Logs which serve as guidelines for students and teachers.  Work Study hours and time spent taking state tests are also considered offline hours. 


Tracking of Online Hours

~The Greater Ohio Virtual School uses the Virtual Learning Academy (VLA) as its curriculum.  Time is tracked from the moment a student logs into VLA until the student has completed their work and logs out.  The documentation of this time is represented at the top of each student home page in the “Time Credited” counter under “Online Today”.   A weekly total of online hours will also be displayed under “Online this week” and will reset each week at 11:59 Sunday evening.

Time Credited Counter




Please be aware that there is an automatic log off after 45 mins of inactivity.  This means there have been no keystrokes or mouse clicks for 45 consecutive minutes.  The time between the last activity and the automatic log off are not calculated into the student’s seat time.  Students are not permitted to log into VLA and click on the page once every 45 minutes in an attempt to accumulate hours without doing any coursework.  This is monitored daily and if detected will result in disciplinary action.  Additionally, students will not be given credit for time spent on the homepage.   Students must be logged into VLA and completing coursework in a class to receive credit for their online work. 


Tracking of Offline Hours:
Offline hours are hours spent doing coursework while not logged into VLA and are tracked by the use of Activity Logs located under the resource tab in the first lesson of every class.  Activities such as reading, watching instructional videos, or working on worksheets are all examples of activities that may be utilized for the documentation of offline hours.  Over 200 Activity Logs have been created for every class offered.  These logs and the recording of these hours are a part of each lesson and are approved by individual teachers.  Activity Logs are used as guides for students and rubrics for teachers. We do not require students to sign and submit these forms, rather to use them as a guideline for the number of hours they may submit for teacher approval.  The teacher will determine, based on achievement in the lesson, if the appropriate number of hours are listed. 


Sample Activity Log


Activity Log 1













Every lesson has the following question that is required of each student complete in order to submit the lesson for grading. 

Offline Log

If you would like to log offline hours click on “Add Log Entry” and the following menus will be displayed

Log Your Activity

This is where each student will type in the time they spent working on the class while NOT logged into VLA.  Each log entry will capture the Date, Start Time, End Time, and Description of the activity.  Multiple log entries may be made for each question and can be made on the same day but must not “overlap” online hours (Computer Seat Time) for the day.  Students may delete, add, or change log entries until the unit is submitted to their teacher.  Any description or hour total different from what is suggested in the Activity Log may be questioned by the teacher and sent back as a redo for further explanation.  Every student will be required to answer this question in order to complete the lesson.  Students who do not have offline hours to log for the lesson may click the “I do not have any Offline Activities for this unit” box and hit save.  Once approved by the teacher, these hours will be documented in the “Time Credited” counter under “Offline Hours This Week”. 

Tracking of Work Study Hours

In order to have hours counted, students will utilize the same procedures as the documenting of off-line hours.  Work study students would document the time that they worked at their job in the last question of the lesson.  This time may not overlap with any other offline hours (Activity Logs) or online time (Computer Seat Time).  These times will have to be verified by the submission of a paystub which can be uploaded as an attachment in the last question.  Students may earn up to 120 hours per transcripted credit of student work experience toward their minimum of 920 required instructional hours.


Year to Date Hourly Totals

Each student/parent/guardian is sent a “Attendance Report” on a weekly basis throughout the school year.  It is delivered via the One Call Now messaging system as an email, voice message, and text message.  This report tracks the total number of combined hours the student has accumulated throughout the year and compares it to the number of hours the student should have accumulated as determined by the date of enrollment.  An Example of the Email sent to Student/Parents/Guardians each week is shown below.  The Voice Message and text message contain the same information.


Attendance Report

Additionally, students/parents/guardians/ have access to their hours via a QR code on the back of their student identification badges.  When scanned it will take them to a website with their specific durational tracking data and testing data. 


Testing Hours

End of Course Exams, Measures of Academic Progress, Ohio English Language Proficiency Assessment, and the A.C.T. are all tracked via the Greater Ohio Virtual School Guidance Department and are added to student totals over time.  These hours do not show up on the “Time Credited” counter on the student homepage but will be documented in each student’s Weekly Attendance Report under the total accumulated hours for the year. 


10 Hour Max Hours Per Day and Overlapping Hours

Per state law, electronic school students are not permitted to document over 10 hours of combined online and offline hours per day.  Once 10 hours has been accumulated for the day, VLA will be locked and not available until the next day.  Additionally, hours may not overlap meaning that students need to be aware of their online time and the hours they are submitting for offline hours (Activity Logs & Work Study Hours) each day.  For example, if a student was online completing work in a math class from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and then submitted Activity Log from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in another class on the same day, the overlapping hour between 11:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. would not be counted towards their daily/weekly totals.  Similarly, if a student submitted 6.5 hours of off-line work study hours and then worked for 5 hours online completing a project in an English class on the same day, the 1.5 hours over the 10-hour limit would not be counted toward the daily and weekly totals.  Any overlapping hours will be displayed in the “Time Credited” counter under “Overlap This Week”.  Credit will not be given for Overlapping Hours.  




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