STAR Testing

Last Updated: 2/24/2021 8:48 PM

All GOVS students must take round #1 of STAR Testing (there is a reading test & a math test) within 20 days of their first day of school.

Signups are located WITHIN GOVS SUCCESS B.

When you complete your First Day Requirements, and get to GOVS Success B, go into Unit 4 and you will see the Google Form sign-up link for STAR Round #1.

The main testing location is at the new GOVS Student Center in Mason (755 Western Row Rd., Mason, 45040).  Wing B-3.  Follow the green GOVS signs and you will find us.

As with previous testing, if you live >50 miles away from the testing location (aka the Student Center), you will be able to indicate that on the testing signup.  Someone will reach out to you with next steps.