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GOVS Contest Page!

To increase student engagement (aka a reason to give out gift cards & have some fun & to help students get offline time), this is the new GOVS Contest Page!


The current contest will run the entire month of November.


In an attempt to get students to work more hours this month, GOVS is having a "raffle" of sorts.  You don't have to color a picture, nor do a fun quiz, or anything like that.

All students have to do is complete an Offline Log Entry in VLA.  

EVERY OFFLINE ENTRY a student submits during November (contest starts Sunday, November 1, at 12:01am and runs through Monday, November 30, at 11:59pm) will earn them 1 entry in the raffle.  It's as easy as that.

The more offline entries a student submits, the more chances they have to win.  As we mentioned in the Daily Announcements, the winner (the person who submits the most offline entries) will receive a prize package worth over $250.

That is not a misprint.

The Offline Log Entries have to be submitted in VLA.  You can do one for every lesson you turn in for their classes.  You can use the Independent Reading and the Doc/Film class too!  

For example:  Johnny Numberfive is a student with GOVS.  He submitted the following entries during 1 week:

  • Monday -- 1 independent reading log entry for 2 hours
  • Tuesday -- completed an offline entry in a Math unit & an English unit
  • Wednesday -- watched a documentary and completed the log entry
  • Thursday -- completed an offline entry for music class
  • Friday -- none
  • Saturday -- completed two offline entries in Independent Reading
  • Sunday -- none

That student would have SEVEN total chances in our raffle.  Not only would they get the raffle chances, but they would get additional time added to their VLA clock for the week.  Each of these offline entries earns hours towards the 25 hour/week minimum.

Lastly -- if you need some ideas for what to do (ways to get the offline time), visit the Offline Activities & Log Entries page.  There is a button underneath the scrolling header picture on our homepage.  Or better yet, CLICK HERE and you will be taken directly there.

Good Luck!