Personal and Social Support

Crisis/Suicide Help:

Local Hotline: 1-877-695-6333

National Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Online Chat:

Community Resource Directory for Warren County:

A comprehensive list of the most commonly requested phone numbers in Warren County and links to organization websites.  Find local services such as food pantries, counseling/mental health agencies, transportation, employment support, assitance with clothing and housing, etc.

Bullying Awareness:

Bullied? Speak up!:

Call or go online to report issues that affect education or safety.

Mental Health Information and Support:



Anxiety Disorder:

Attachment Disorder:

Bipolar Disorder:


Eating Disorders:

Oppositional Defiant Disorder:

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder:

Substance Abuse:

Self-help Apps:

The following free apps ARE NOT designed to replace therapy if it is needed, but they may be used as tools to assist students in working through personal struggles.

Act Coach (iOS)

Use awareness excercises to work through negative thoughts and feelings. Focus on mindfulness.

Breathe2Relax (iOS and Android)

Teaches users how to do diaphragmatic breathing to reduce stress.  Also includes educational videos and logs to record stress levels.

Depression CBT Self-help Guide (Android)

Monitor mood, learn about depression and its treatments, and try guided relaxation.

Happify (iOS)

Play games, complete activities, and work through gratitude prompts to reduce stress and negative thoughts.

Mindshift (iOS and Android)

Helps users tune into their body's signals to manage stress through on screen prompts.

Operation Reach Out (iOS and Android)

Designed to prevent suicide. Create a profile that includes emergency contacts, safety plans, along with reminders for medication and appointments.  It also uses GPS to locate mental health care facilities nearby should a user enter into crisis mode.

PTSD Coach (iOS and Android)

Linked to support services, this app helps those with PTSD symptoms work on issues such as insomnia, anger, anxiety and alienation. 

Quit Pro (iOS and Android)

Monitors cravings, identifies triggers and calculates the money saved by resisting the temptation to smoke.

Stop, Breathe, Think! (iOS and Android)

Cultivate mindfulness to improve mood, lower stress and increase happiness

LGBTQ Support:

GLBT National Help Center for Youth: 1-800-246-7743

Dating Violence Awareness: