9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th Graders -- FIRST DAY

Welcome to GOVS!

Since you are a 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grader, you have three things to complete today:

  • GOVS Success Class in VLA
  • MAP test in Reading
  • MAP test in Math


  1. Open a new browser window (on the top of the screen, by the tabs, you will see a + button.  Click that.  A new window will open.  Type www.mygovs.com to get to our homepage.  Once that loads, you can flip between these two tabs.
  2. Please take some time to read the Daily Announcements that popup.  At the bottom of the announcements, you will see a green button "Continue to Greater Ohio Virtual School".  Click here.
  3. Underneath the scrolling header pictures, there is a green/white button labeled Student VLA Login.  Click here.
  4. When the VLA page loads, enter your Username and Password
    • Username is your 4-digit student ID number.  See the Login sheet that was emailed.
    • Password is your first initial of your first name, followed by a series of numbers.  See the Login sheet that was emailed.
  5. On this homepage, you will see student progress up top, then some emails.  Underneath that are your classes.  Most of your classes are locked until you complete your first day activities.
  6. Scroll down until you see the GOVS Success -- START HERE class.  Click on there.
  7. This brings up the main class screen.  There are 10 units.  Start with unit #1.  Click right on top of Unit 1.  Some notes will come up.  Make sure you read everything on the screen.
  8. Once you get to the bottom of the notes, on the left side of the screen, there is an Answer Questions button.  Click that.
  9. This brings up the questions you have to answer for Unit 1.  Answer these questions to the best of your ability.  Once you finish, you can click the "All Finished!  Review My Answers".
  10. Go through and review everything.  Once you are satisfied with the answers, you can click the "Looks OK! Send to my Teacher" button.  You have finished Unit 1!
  11. Click the House button in the top right corner, this takes you to the homepage.  Scroll down until you see the GOVS Success class, but this time, start with Unit 2.  Do the same steps as Unit 1.

The last 3 units of the GOVS Success class require you to send us a picture & two emails.

In Unit 8, you have to send us a picture for your file.  This is required!
In Unit 9, you have to send us an email from your VLA account.  This is required!
In Unit 10, you have to send us an email from your @mygovs.com GMAIL account.  This is required!


CONGRATS!  You have finished the GOVS Success class!  Now you have to MAP test.  Keep reading.

MAP Testing

You also have to take a beginning MAP test in both Reading and Math.  This is required.  The scores do not count against you -- we use the information as a baseline score.

MAP testing is done through a different website.  Just to the right of the green Student VLA Login button that you used before, there is a button that says MAP Testing.  Please click this.  A new page will open.

On the new page, you will find the session names (and passwords) for both math and reading.  Please write this info on a separate piece of paper.  Just underneath that you will see a Link to Test Site and a blue link.  Click that.  Once you are there, enter the session name and password.  A screen will pop up where you can type your name.  After you find your name, click on it.  Then in the box underneath, start with the Reading Test.  

TAKE YOUR TIME!  If you go too fast, the score won't count, and you will have to do it all over again.

After you finish the reading test, you have to do the same thing (from the beginning steps) to do the math test.

All that's left now is for you to put your MAP testing time back in VLA.  Click this link and go all the way to the bottom of the back side:  CLICK HERE

Follow all those steps and you will get time credit for both the MAP tests!


Congrats!  You have finished the first day activities!  Check back tomorrow on VLA to start with your regular classes.