How to answer Short Response questions in VLA without copying from the notes!

RaceHave you worked on a VLA lesson, answered every question, yet your teacher sent it back as a redo because you copied the answer right from the notes?


Many of the GOVS teachers have rules about students answering questions in their own words.  


Do you need some help on how to do this?


You're in luck -- you can use the RACE Strategy!


KEEP reading -- or you can visit the website for examples and more information:
RACE Strategy-Website

Simply put, the RACE Strategy can be used to answer a text evidence question.  AKA a question where you have to write either a short answer or a definition.

RACE = an acronym that helps students remember which steps and in which order to write a constructed response.

  • Restate the questionRACE
  • Answer the question
  • Cite text evidence
  • Explain what it means