GOVS: Who are we?

GOVS:  Who are we?


  • The Greater Ohio Virtual School is a fully-accredited community school, organized under the laws of Ohio.  GOVS performs the same duties and functions of any other public school as prescribed by law.

  • GOVS is a FREE online public school serving all students in grades 7-12 living within the borders of the State of Ohio.

  • GOVS is sponsored by St. Aloysius/Charter School Specialists.

  • GOVS is housed within the Warren County Educational Service Center.

  • GOVS offers an online curriculum to any student whose needs, desires, or circumstances would best be served by a non-traditional educational model.  Those students might include but are not limited to:

    • Students who desire to move through the curriculum at their own pace

    • Students who need additional credits for graduation

    • Students with discipline or social issues in the traditional classroom

    • Students/parents seeking an accredited curriculum, taught by certified teachers, which can be tailored to address individual needs

    • Students who want to re-enter the diploma pathway before turning 22 years-of-age

    • Students with medical issues that require a more-personalized curricular approach

  • Students who are credit-deficient can quickly make-up lost credits due to the flexibility of our school.  Your classes are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our school week goes from Monday morning to Sunday night.  Students can work for a maximum of 10 hours per calendar day.

  • The GOVS curriculum may be accessed from any device with the ability to connect to the Internet.  Students may elect to use their own computer and wireless Internet, or if needed, may borrow a Chromebook to complete coursework. Verizon Wireless Hotspots (aka a MiFi units), which only connect to GOVS Chromebooks, are also available for those who do not have wireless Internet.  

  • All GOVS students have unlimited access to drop-in Tutoring Labs at multiple locations where students can stop by and get help from tutors.  If additional help is needed, students are offered up to five hours of free virtual tutoring per week via Google Meet, Facetime, or Skype.

  • The Greater Ohio Virtual School offers a complete special education department with full-time teachers who service students with an Individualized Educational Program. 

  • GOVS employs a full-time truancy officer who tracks attendance daily.  Attendance is determined by online and offline hours and each student is required to accumulate twenty-five (25) hours of seat time per week.

  • A Work Study program is available for all GOVS students who are working a full- or part-time job.  Students can receive elective credit for their job along with hours that can be counted towards their weekly attendance totals.

  • The Greater Ohio Virtual School is NCAA-approved and facilitates College Credit Plus for those students who qualify.