Math 170


Unit 1: Rational and Irrational Numbers; Adding Fractions and Mixed Fractions



Unit 2: Subtracting Fractions and Mixed Fractions



Unit 3: Multiplying Fractions and Mixed Fractions



Unit 4: Reciprocals and Division of Fractions



Unit 5: Exponents, Square Roots and Place Values



Unit 6: Equivalent Decimals, Decimal Computations – Add, Subtract and Multiply



Unit 7: Decimal Division



Unit 8: Scientific Notation, Problem Solving – Fraction and Decimal Applications



Unit 9: Mid-Semester Review

Unit 10: Customary System of Measurement



Unit 11: Metric System of Measurement



Unit 12: Ratios, Proportions, Rates, Scale Factors, and Models



Unit 13: Percents, Fractions, and Decimals



Unit 14: Percent Applications



Unit 15: Comparing Integers, Absolute Value, Integer Operations: Adding and Subtracting Integers



Unit 16: Multiplying and Dividing Integers, Perfect Squares and Square Roots



Unit 17: Order of Operations, Applying Integers, Composite Shapes



Unit 18: First Semester Exam



Unit 19: Measuring and Identifying Angles

Unit 20: Polygons and Quadrilaterals



Unit 21: Coordinate Graphing, Symmetry and Translations



Unit 22: Congruent and Similar Shapes, Pythagorean Theorem



Unit 23: Area



Unit 24: Solids, Visualizing Geometric Models



Unit 25: Volume



Unit 26: Surface Area



Unit 27: Mid-Semester Review

Unit 28: Variables, Formulas, and Algebraic Expressions



Unit 29: Linear and Nonlinear Progressions, Functions, Graphing Functions, and Linear Equations



Unit 30: One Step Equations



Unit 31: Two Step Equations, Inequalities



Unit 32: Graphs



Unit 33: Analyzing Data With Graphs, Sampling



Unit 34: Statistics, Box-and-Whiskers Plots



Unit 35: Probability



Unit 36: Final Exam