Math 160


Unit 1: Factors, Exponents, and Order of Operations; Prime Numbers and Prime Factorization



Unit 2: Rational Numbers, GCF, and LCM



Unit 3: Adding and Rounding Fractions



Unit 4: Adding Mixed Fractions



Unit 5: Subtracting Fractions and Mixed Fractions



Unit 6: Multiplying Fractions and Mixed Fractions; Analyzing Patterns



Unit 7: Dividing Fractions and Mixed Fractions; Numeric and Geometric Patterns



Unit 8: Decimals: Estimation, Addition, and Subtraction



Unit 9: Mid-Semester Review

Unit 10: Decimals: Equivalence and Multiplication



Unit 11: Decimals: Division



Unit 12: Measuring to Nearest Eighth; Equivalent Fractions and Decimals



Unit 13: Ratios & Proportions; Estimate Reasons Solutions with Fractions and Decimals



Unit 14: Percents, Fractions, and Decimals



Unit 15: Percents: Finding Percent and Part; Solving Problems Using Percent



Unit 16: Measuring Angles; Classifying Triangles and Triangle Properties



Unit 17: Geometry: Lines, Diagonals and Planes; Polygons and Quadrilaterals



Unit 18: First Semester Exam

Unit 19: Transformations, Tessellations, and Similar Triangles; Customary Units Conversions and Computations



Unit 20: Metric System – Units of Length, Weight, and Capacity



Unit 21: Perimeter and Area of Triangles and Quadrilaterals



Unit 22: Perimeter and Area; Effects of Doubling Dimensions



Unit 23: Circumference and Area of Circles and Circle Sectors



Unit 24: Solids and 3-D Cube Models



Unit 25: Volume and Surface Area of Solids



Unit 26: Variables, Expressions, and Functions; Properties: Commutative, Associative, and Distributive

Unit 27: Mid-Semester Review

Unit 28: Negative Numbers and Graphing in the Coordinate Plane



Unit 29: Exploring Algebra Through Diagrams and Pictures



Unit 30: Simple Equations: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division



Unit 31: Rate of Change; Inequalities



Unit 32: Constructing Line Graphs, Circle Graphs, and Histograms



Unit 33: Statistics and Histograms



Unit 34: Displaying Data in Appropriate Graphs



Unit 35: Probability: Theoretical and Actual



Unit 36:Final Exam